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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a set of techniques to make a site more relevant and improve its position in natural search results of search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.).

A good placement is synonymous with visibility on the internet, which in turn means a real increase in traffic and progressive site visits. If a site is not well positioned within major search engines, the customer will never find your company. Instead, they can find your competitor. So your company is losing countless business opportunities.

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Differentials of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • We register the URL of your site, keywords and description on over 1,000 different search engines.
  • General Reports on the current performance of your site, how it is seen at the present time, with this information, we can optimize it appropriately.
  • Research tools used by our team to know which are the most used key words on the internet.
  • A change in the source code of your site – using words most searched by Internet users related to your products and services.
  • Registration in the main classified areas in which the company operates, so that the service or products offered by the company are visible to your internet audience, generating more links to your website.